Respect the Humble Beginnings

*James 1:17* Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.
A gift is a notable capacity, talent , or endowment. The bible tells us that every good gift is from the God. A gift is given to separate us from the group , to be used for impact and profit. Gifted people don’t get lost or die in the crowd, gifted people will always have a place in this world.

Our responsibility when we have been given a gift is to make sure we’re growing in that gift to the place where it can make an impact. Everything that the Lord made and gives as a gift is glorious, we will never see the full glory and potential of our gift if we don’t work on it. When we don’t use our gift it remains buried in us.
*Ecclesiastes 7:8*The end of the thing is better than it’s beginning; The patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.

A gifted person does not compete with anyone. There is no competition for gifted people, the only competition they have is to become everything they’re meant to be by working on their gift. As a mighty man of Valor, focus on what you have, work on what you have been given, the world is waiting for it. It doesn’t matter where you’re starting from, it’s not about the beginning but the end that matters.Everything great, starts small then it grows. That gift was given to you to make a mark in this world.

Respect the humble beginnings, persevere through the processing of becoming, surely better is the end!

Published by Harry Thodi

A Man of God. I make music, write, and design. I am the owner of a Christian Sports Apparel Brand, MMV Sports. My content is made to inspire you to be complete in Christ. Join me as I become all that God destined for me.

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