Unmasking the Music: Faith Over Fear

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Faith over fear

Faith up, fear downYou are born championMighty man of Valor you are born champion
Faith up, fear down You are born championMighty man of ValorYou are born champion
We gonna win in the endWe are born champions. Children of the most high, we are born champions

Unmasking ( Meaning)
Faith up fear down- let your faith prevail over your fear, it is your calling, Mighty Man of Valor, to operate in faith and not fear. Embracing boldness and taking hard steps through the power of God.

You are born champion- This part has to do with your identity. When Christ died for you He won a victory for you, so when you are born again you are born as an heir of victory. You are fighting to fulfill the victory you already have in Christ.

Mighty man of valor- God sees you more than capable to overcome challenges you face because of what He has done and what He has made you to become, He doesn’t see you as somebody inferior or weak, He sees you as a mighty man of Valor .

Children of the most High- when you are born again you become a child of God and brothers with Christ. God becomes your father.

Published by Harry Thodi

A Man of God. I make music, write, and design. I am the owner of a Christian Sports Apparel Brand, MMV Sports. My content is made to inspire you to be complete in Christ. Join me as I become all that God destined for me.

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