Jesus Teachings Part Three: The Kingdom of Heaven

Jesus Teaching Part Three focuses on Messiah’s words about the kingdom of Heaven. Jesus teachings on the Kingdom of Heaven stir up expectation, encourage preparation for kingdom entry, and provide a road map for traveling to His kingdom as a destination. This post is the tip of the iceberg for one of the most important topics covered Genesis to Revelation, namely the Kingdom of Heaven.

~Let’s dig a little deeper~

Jesus Teachings Part Two: Parable of Wheat/Weeds

I am thoroughly convinced no one has more powerful teachings than Jesus. Today we will take a look at the next parable in Matthew Chapter 13 that follows the parable of the sower (see part one). Not only does this parable teach us something about God, it teaches us something about His enemy as well.Continue reading “Jesus Teachings Part Two: Parable of Wheat/Weeds”