Listening Ear

I told You about my life, and You listened to me; teach me Your statutes.
Psalms 119:26

Lately I’ve been doing alot of self-reflection. I’ve evaluated my triggers, I’ve accessed my relationships, I’ve studied my tendencies and habits. Basically I’ve been really intentional about finding out what makes me tick. I desire to thrive and I know certain areas of my life will either work towards or hinder that progression.

Last night I came across this Bible verse and it really blessed me.

I told You about my life, and You listened to me; teach me Your statutes.
Psalms 119:26

The Psalmist told Yahweh about his life and was heard. How beautiful is that? Yahweh is my listening ear. Sometimes all we really need is someone to listen. Truthfully though there is nothing like talking to our Heavenly Father. He is always available, always understanding, and never interrupts.

I’m really deepening my friendship with Holy Spirit. I’m growing to understand that my human heart runs deep and is layered. The Friend who sticks closer than a brother is Jesus. The more I grow in intimacy with Christ the more secure I feel. Security is important. Jesus is a solid Rock.

I’m pressing in

Additionally the Psalmist request to learn Yahweh’s statues. It is fitting that in conversation with Most High I learn to seek the wisdom of His Word so I may apply it to my circumstance.

Early will I seek You for You are my living hope.


Scriptures for Thought

Today I’m content to post a few passages from one of my favorite chapters in the Bible. Psalm 119 is a go to for me. It is a deep well, full of richness and fullness.

Help me understand the meaning of Your precepts so that I can meditate on Your wonders. I am weary from grief; strengthen me through Your word. Keep me from the way of deceit and graciously give me Your instruction. I have chosen the way of truth; I have set Your ordinances before me. I cling to Your decrees; Lord , do not put me to shame. I pursue the way of Your commands, for You broaden my understanding.
Psalms 119:27-32

Open my eyes so that I may contemplate wonderful things from Your instruction. I am a stranger on earth; do not hide Your commands from me. I am continually overcome with longing for Your judgments.
Psalms 119:18‭-‬20